Using AI to empower
P&C SME insurers

We bring together Open data & AI to analyse more data, more consistently, at scale and provide a 360° view of each SME.

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Our state-of-the-art solution equips underwriters with 2 superpowers

Risk Selection

Faster, smarter underwriting

Efficiency, accuracy and consistency of the underwriting process can be improved.
With Continuity, underwriters focus on added-value files and tasks, and make more educated decisions.

Risk Monitoring

Forward looking portfolio management

Currently, insurers lack visibility on their portfolio. SME contracts are renewed tacitly and rarely updated.
Continuity identifies the contracts that must be updated allowing insurers to act proactively. 

We help Insurers make and save millions immediately

Generate more premium

By upgrading their contracts

Avoid large claims

By cleaning their portfolios

Get immediate ROI

No IT integration needed

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We use AI to make underwriting faster and smarter

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